The Process

Concrete floor polishing can be broken down into 2 general processes including several steps each.

GRINDING – Each floor polishing job begins with a grinding process which can remove sealants, coatings, tire marks, and surface imperfections. The process uses a series of metal-bonded diamond grit tooling which is employed to perform the initial floor grinding. The quality and hardness of the existing floor dictates the number of steps or passes needed to ensure a good base. An enclosed grinding head and continual extensive vacuuming keep dust levels at a minimum.  A spray-on densifier is used at the end of the grinding step to harden the floor.

POLISHING – Following the grinding process a series of fine-resin-bonded diamonds are used to bring the surface up to the desired shine or sheen.  A burnisher may be used to put the finishing touches on a durable, ready-to-use concrete floor.